AREY...KHANE MEY KYA KYA HEY??


Vegetable Thali:  $11.99
 Choose two:
Chana Masala  - Dal Makhani  -  Aloo Gobhi  -  Vegetable curry
Non Veg Thali:  $12.99
Choose two:  Butter Chicken  -  Goat Curry  -  Vegetable Curry
Pick up only - no delivery
2 naans 1 Curry and 1 Rice
Different choices everyday
Vegetarian $ 250/month
Non Vegetarian $ 260/month
Good portions!
*Please inquire for more information*


Vegetable Samosa  $4.99
Green peas and potatoes wrapped in flaky dough
Vegetable Pakora  $4.99
Mixed veggies battered in chickpea flour and deep fried
Onion Bhajee  $4.99
Onions battered in chickpea flour and deep fried
Mixed Platter (Good for two guests)  $16.99
samosa, pakora, onion bhajee, kebab and chicken tikka served on sizzler
Golden Fried Jheenga  $9.99
King prawns dipped in special batter and fried golden brown
Aloo Chaat  $7.99
Combination of yogurt, mint, and tamarind chutney with diced potatoes and Indian herbs
Chicken Pakora  $8.99
Chicken battered in chickpea flour and deep fried
Hakka Chili Paneer $9.99
Delicious Hakka Chili Paneer
Paneer Pakora  $8.99
Cottage cheese battered in chickpea flour and deep fried
Fish Pakora  $8.99
Salmon battered in chickpea flour and deep fried
Reshmi Kabab  $7.99
Minced chicken, flavored with crumb saffron cooked, in Tandoor in skewer


Mulligatawny Soup  $6.99
Lentil based soup with specially picked ingredients
Tomato Soup  $6.99
A spicy blend of tomatoes flavored with coriander
Garden Salad  $4.99

Tandoori Chicken Salad  $8.99


*All dishes cooked in a Tandoor (clay oven).*

Tandoori Chicken  $16.99
Chicken leg and breast marinated in yogurt with spices
Seekh Kabab  $16.99
Minced meat blend with special spices cooked on skewers
Chicken Tikka  $16.99
Chicken breast marinated in light spices
Tandoori Jheenga  $19.99
Garlic flavored prawns cooked to perfection
Machi Afgani  $15.99
Garlic flavored prawns cooked to perfection
Hariyali Mirch Tikka  $16.99
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated overnight in coriander and green chili paste
Malli Tikka  $16.99
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated overnight with saffron, fennel, cashew nuts and cheese
Paneer Tikka  $15.99
Cubes of cottage cheese, tomato, onion and pepper marinated in yogurt and herbs


King Prawn Masala  $17.99
King Prawn cooked in onion, tomato and fresh coriander (medium)
Fish Curry  $17.99
Yogurt based fish curry with a touch of fresh ginger and coriander (medium)
King Prawn Chettinad  $17.99
Prawn cooked in typical Indian style
King Prawn Korma  $17.99
Prawn cooked in cashew nut and saffron based sauce
King Prawn Jhalfrezi $17.99
King Prawn cooked with fresh green chilies, green pepper, tomatoes, fresh coriander and garnished with a touch of fresh garlic and ginger (very spicy)
King Prawn Sag  $17.99
King Prawn in curry and with spinach


Butter Chicken  $15.99
Chicken breast barbecued in Tandoor and cooked with creamy tomato gravy
Chicken Chettined  $15.99
Chicken cooked in typical south Indian style
Chicken Tikka Lababdar  $15.99
Barbecued chicken Tikka with chef's own combination of spices
Kadai Gosht  $15.99
Boneless chicken pieces cooked with special tomato based Kadai sauce
Chicken Korma  $15.99
Braised pieces of chicken cooked in saffron and cashew nut gravy
Chicken Tikka Masala  $15.99
Chicken cubes cooked with peppers and onions and a butter masala sauce


Bhuna Gosht  $16.99
Curry prepared with peppers and onions

Goat Curry $ 16.99
Delicious Goat curry with bone
Rogan Joshn  $16.99
Prepared with fresh tomatoes and garlic
Dupiaza  $16.99
Prepared with onions and assorted spices
Vindaloo  $16.99
Prepared with potatoes and extra chilies
Balchaa  $16.99
Cooked in Goan spices
Garlic Chili  $16.99
Prepared with coconut, lemon juice and red chilies
Jhalfrezi  $16.99
Prepared with onions, green chilies, red and green peppers
Sag  $16.99
A medium spiced curry cooked with spinach


*Vegan Options Available, Please ask your server for details*

Daal Tarka  $13.99
Indian lentils cooked on garlic butter and spices
Egg Curry  $10.99
Curry with eggs cooked in delicious blend of spices
Daal Makhani  $13.99
Black lentils prepared in cream and butter
Chana Masala  $13.99
Chickpeas cooked with onions and tomatoes
Sag Aloo  $14.99
Potatoes cooked with spinach
Aloo Gobhi  $13.99
A combination of potatoes and cauliflowers
Bharta  $14.99
Eggplant grilled then cooked with herbs and tomatoes
Sag Paneer  $14.99
Cottage cheese prepared with spinach
Paneer Korma  $14.99
Homemade cottage cheese made with cashew nuts and almond sauce
Corn and Mushroom Bhaji  $12.99
Fresh mushrooms and corn cooked in dry masala
Kadi Paneer  $14.99
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with special tomato based kadai sauce
Bhindi Bhaji $14.99
Okra cooked with abundance of onions
Paneer Laziz  $14.99
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with yogurt, onion sauce topped with fennel seeds
Paneer Makhani  $14.99
Homemade cottage cheese stewed in creamy tomato gravy
Mator Paneer $14.99
Green peas and homemade cottage cheese stewed in creamy tomato gravy
Mixed Vegetable Dupiaza  $13.99
Mixed Vegetables cooked with Indian spices
Kadi Baigan $13.99
Eggplant coked with special tomato based Kadi sauce


Basmati Rice  $3.99
Cooked with a small amount of onion, cumin and mild spices
Kasari Pulao  $4.99
Saffron rice
Peas Pulao  $7.99
Basmati rice prepared with peas, onions and almonds
Mushroom Rice  $7.99
Basmati rice prepared with mushrooms, onions and spices
Vegetable Biriyani  $12.99
Rice prepared with mixed veggies and spices
Egg Biriyani  $11.99
Rice prepared with eggs mixed with veggies and spices
Lamb Biriyani  $14.99
Rice prepared with lamb and spices
King Prawn Biriyani  $15.99
Exotic king prawn fried with rice and spices
Raita (Recommended side dish)  $2.99
Creamy yogurt sauce seasoned with herbs and spices


Chicken Biryani  $14.99
Special Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
Mutton Biriyani with Bone  $14.99
Special Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
Beef Biriyani with Bone  $14.99
Special Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
Nihari  $15.99
The national dish of Pakistan. Lamb, shank cooked overnight into a think and spicy stew. Garnished with green chili and ginger
Halwa Puri  $10.99
Fried puri bread served with halwa (semolina dessert) and tangy chana masala (chickpea curry)
Prawn Puri  $11.99
Fried puri bread served with prawn masala cooked with onion, tomato and fresh coriander


Naan  $2.99
Leavend flatbread baked in Tandoor oven
Garlic Naan  $3.99
Naan prepared with garlic and fresh coriander
Onion Kulcha  $3.99
Naan stuffed with spiced onion and potatoes then baked to perfection
Bhatura  $2.50
Flatbread fried golden brown
Tandoori Roti  $1.99
Whole wheat bread baked in Tandoor oven
Lacha Paratha  $3.99
Flaky layers of whole wheat bread brushed with clarified butter
Aloo Paratha  $3.99
Paratha stiffed with spiced potatoes


Masala Lassi  $3.99
Mango Lassi  $3.99
Sweet Lassi  $3.99
Masala Tea  $2.99
Coca Cola $1.99
Diet Coca Cola $1.99
Ice Tea $1.99
Water Bottle $1.50
Canada Dry Ginger Ale $1.99
Mango Juice  $1.99
Rose Syrup  $1.99


Rice Pudding  $2.99
Sweet pudding made with rice
Carrot Pudding (Gajar Halwar)  $2.99
Indian pudding made with carrots
Rasmalai  $2.99
"Juicy Cream". It has been described "as a rich cheesecake without a crust."
Rasgulla Mithai $2.99
Delicious Rasgulla in Rose flavored syrup
Gulab Jamun  $2.99
Spongy milky balls soaked in syrup
Mango Ice Cream  $1.99